Adolphus Richter



NAME: Adolphus Richter

AGE: 24

AFFILIATION: Federated Suns: Outback – Border Worlds

Event: (8) Already learning how to fix the tractor [Natural Aptitude/Technician/ICE]

Path: Back Woods
Event: (11) Uncovered a lostech cache! [Choose either: Vehicle (2), Owns Vehicle and Custom Vehicle; or Wealth (4) and Well-Equipped]

Path: Military Enlistment
Event: (9) Training standout; recommended to the academy by your CO [Promotion; may take remaining military training in the Military Academy Path]

Path: Subpath: Military Academy AIT
Path: Subpath: Special Forces Training (Academy)

Path: Tour of Duty: Inner Sphere
Event: (8) Raiding missions[+1 to any three skills in one Military Field, +1 to any other skill]

Value Mod Max
STR: 5 — 8
BOD: 6 — 8
DEX: 6 — 8
RFL: 7 -1 8
INT: 5 — 8
WIL: 5 — 8
CHA: 5 — 9
EDG: 5 — 9
SOC: 4 — 9


Brave (1)
Custom Vehicle (1)
Owns Vehicle (4)
Rank (4)
Vehicle (4)
Well-Equipped (2)
Introvert (1)
Stigma/Outback (1)
Natural Aptitude/Strategy (2)
Natural Aptitude/Technician/ICE (2)


Animal Handling: +0 (1)
Blades: +1 (3)
Career/Soldier: +1 (3)
Climbing: +0 (1)
Demolitions: +1 (3)
First Aid: +1 (3)
Free Fall: +1 (3)
Gunnery/Ballistic/Humanoid: +2 (7)
Gunnery/Laser/Humanoid: +2 (7)
Gunnery/Missile/Humanoid: +2 (7)
Language/Affiliation: +1 (3)
Language/English: +1 (3)
Leadership: +0 (1)
Martial Arts/Battlemech: +1 (3)
Martial Arts/Military: +1 (3)
Navigation/Ground: +1 (3)
Perception: +0 (1)
Piloting/’Mech: +2 (7)
Piloting/Wheeled: +0 (1)
Pistols: +2 (7)
Protocol/Federated Suns: +0 (1)
Quickdraw: +1 (3)
Rifles: +2 (7)
Sensor Operations: +1 (3)
Shotguns: +0 (1)
Stealth: +1 (3)
Strategy: +2 (6)
Submachine Guns: +1 (3)
Survival: +2 (7)
Swimming: +0 (1)
Tactics/Anti-Mech: +0 (1)
Tactics/’Mech: +1 (3)
Technician/Electronics: +0 (1)
Technician/ICE: +0 (1)
Technician/Mechanics: +0 (1)
Tracking: +1 (3)


Adolphus Richter Born on the border worlds of the Federated Suns to German parents Adolphus Richter had an unusual childhood. Learning that he had a natural aptitude for machinery,At the age of 8 he was already repairing the family tractor and other farm machines. He also was operating vehicles long before he could legally hold a license. At the age of 13 and unfortunate accident killed his father, leaving him the head of the household. This accident however forged him into a wise and capable young man.

At the age of 15 young Adolphus uncovered a lostech cache in the backwoods. Within this cache he found an unbelievable sight! A legend spoken of by many and seen by few, a battlemech and all the info needed to pilot it! Upon bringing the mech home to the farm his poor mother almost had a heart attack. He spent the next few years mastering the hatchetman and tuning it to his liking. Once of age to join the military he stashed his beloved hatchetman below the barn and enlisted.

Once in the military Richter stood out as an excellent soldier in training and was referred by his CO for the special forces. He also showed outstanding abilities in mech combat especially at the controls of a hatchetman. This was believed to be a natural talent by the military because Richter “forgot” to mention he owned a mech and had years of practice with it.After leaving training he was assigned to a SF lance and put in control of a very fine military owned hatchetman! His unit then took a tour of the inner sphere and was involved in several successful raiding missions. His unit finished their tour with a spotless record and succeeded in every mission applied to. The success of his unit and the attitude of his lancemates rubbed off on him a bit and he left the military with the fame and fortune of the game worlds of solaris in his sights. This wasn’t an entirely selfish move though as while home picking up his mech he promised his mother he would send home part of his winnings from solaris.

After a hard start on solaris Richter met a tech by the name of Malache Uldar who took Richter under his wing. He also taught Richter some tricks to fighting in the arenas. Now confidently backed by someone who could repair the damage he caused to his mech, Richter was able to pilot to his potential. Rising fast in the ranks and earning much fame and fortune only fueled the fire. In one particular match he performed a move which has become his signature calling card called the tomahawk, which involves diving from cover and throwing his mech’s hatchet squarely into the head of the opponent’s mech, 9 times out of 10 instantly rendering the enemy unable to fight or dead. After seeing the kind of money publicity like that could earn him he proceeded to invent other moves. Usually based off of martial arts moves, which he referred to as mech fu. This also lead to his mech’s hatchet being painted a distinctive blood red. He eventually garnered enough attention that a very powerful mob boss brought some high dollar merc’s to beat Richter in the arenas. Much to the made man’s dismay he defeated them with nary an incident, and killed over half of them. Infuriated the boss put a contract on Richters head. While packing up and preparing to get out of dodge he was approached by a mech pilot by the name of Jean Razak who told Richter that he could stop the hit if he would be interested in joining his newly formed merc company. Seemed such a waste to razak to off such talent, so he had a heart to heart with his old pal who just happened to be said mob boss. With the hit canceled and Richter all clear and most importantly alive he was ready to become a rogue! Razak also asked Uldar to come along as Richter insisted they were a package deal. Now both Rouges they set out on their first mission to concordance.

Adolphus Richter

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