Alessa Martinez


Rex Yaeger’s former Wolf-Net partner. The served together for several years, doing two tours of duty in deep cover ops inside the Draconis Combine.

During an operation, Alessa was wounded. Rex carried her to safety, but then left her in the care of some of their more unscrupulous allies. When she finally regained consciousness, Rex was on the run, his connection to Wolf-Net severed, and a path of destruction in his wake. In addition, he had left her isolated behind enemy lines, surrounded by a new group of enemies he had made in his escape, who were now looking for her. He hadn’t left her any sort of explanation or aid.

After finally making her way back to Wolf-Net, she was told that Rex had stolen a great deal of money, and some trade secrets from the Dragoons before making his escape. He was branded a traitor, and Alessa was exhaustively debriefed before it was determined that she had no prior knowledge of his activities.

Having been tentatively cleared of any wrong doing, Alessa’s current assignment is to run her former partner to ground, recover the data and money if possible, and if necessary, to kill Rex Yaeger.


Alessa Martinez

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