Rex Yaeger


Options from FM:Mercs (Rev) and Guide to Covert Ops used. Name: Rex Yaeger
AGE: 25
AFFILIATION: Chaos March (Mercenary – Wolf’s Dragoons)


Path: Born Mercenary
Event: [20] (14) A long stint of garrison duty gave you full exposure to a new culture and way of life. [Choose any non-Clan affiliation and add +2 to that affiliation’s primary Language, Protocol, and Streetwise skills.]
(16) It was a banner year for your folks’ merc command. [Wealth (2), Well-Equipped]
(4) Orphaned by someone else’s war, you were adopted by another member of the outfit, but you never forgot your parents. [Quirk/Vow of Revenge (2), Enemy, Madness/Flashbacks]
Path: Adolescent Warfare
Event: (17) A scarred veteran realized your potential and takes you under his wing. [Sixth Sense, +3 to all skills gained from this path.]
Path: Wolf-Net Training
Event: (20)(18) The Dragoons reward their best and brightest… with duties and responsibilities commensurate with your incredible talents. [Good Reputation (3), Promotion, and may take OCS or any Subpath: ST from this life path or from Mil. Academy or Mil. Enlist. Paths.]
(8) You had the feeling there was someone making your life difficult. [Enemy (2)] (15) You may not be a natural, but you sure made everyone think you were. [Fast Learner]
Path: Subpath: Wolf-Net AIT
No Event
Path: Subpath: Special Training
No Event
Path: Wolf-Net OCS
Event: (17) You’ve got talent. We’ll put that to good use. [+3 to any three field skills, may take OCS or any other Special Training regardless of prerequisites and Promotion]


STR: 6
BOD: 5
DEX: 8
RFL: 8
INT: 8
WIL: 5
CHA: 4
EDG: 6
SOC: 3

Bad Rep/Solaris VII, Outreach
Blood Mark (4)
Dark Secret
Enemy (1) – Alessa, Former Wolf-Net partner.
Enemy (2) – Caleb, adoptive father and first teacher on Adoracion.
Enemy (2) – Yuri, rival Wolf-Net trainee.
Enemy (3) – Magda
In For Life (Wolf-Net)
Natural Aptitude/Tactics/Infantry
Quirk/Hostile/Authority Figures
Quirk/Vow of Revenge (2) Quirk/Paranoid

Commission (3) Captain
Combat Sense
Sixth Sense
Fast Learner


Academics/Military History: +0
Administration: +1
Blades: +2
Bureaucracy/Chaos March: +1
Bureaucracy/Mercs: +1 Careers/Soldiers: +0
Comms/Coventional: +1
Computers: +0
Demolitions: +4
Fast Talk: +0
First Aid: +1
Free Fall: +1
Gunnery/Laser/Humanoid: +1
Gunnery/Ballistic/Humanoid: +1
Gunnery/Missile/Humanoid: +1
Interests/Dragoon’s History: +2
Languages/English: +1
Languages/French: +0
Languages/Mandarin: +1
Languages/Gaelic: +0
Languages/Swedenese: +1
Languages/German: +1
Languages/Russian: +1
Languages/Arabic: +0
Leadership: +1
Martial Arts/Military: +0
Martial Arts/Battlesuit: +1
Negotiation: +0
Perception: +3
Piloting/Mech: +1
Piloting/Battlesuit: +1
Piloting/Wheeled: +0
Pistols: +1
Protocol/Chaos March: +0
Protocol/Merc: +0
Protocol/Fed Sun: +0
Protocol/Wolf-Dragoons: +0
Rifles: +3
Scrounge: +2
Sensor Ops: +2
Stealth: +4
Streetwise/Chaos March: +1
Streetwise/Fed Suns: +0
Surveillance: +1
SMGs: +2
Survival: +3
Tactics/Anti-Mech: +1
Tactics/Mech: +1
Tracking: +1
Training: +1


Rex was born to be a mercenary. His parents were both members of the legendary Wolf’s Dragoons. And both were well respected Battlemech pilots. One might have expected him to follow in their footsteps… but it was not to be.

In the dead of night, Rex’s father came and spirited him away. Father and son fled the Dragoons, and Rex’s mother. For months, they traveled from world to world, trying to hide their tracks. Rex was too young to understand why his mother was gone, or why his father was so scared.

Eventually, what Scott Yaeger was running from found them. He was gunned down before Rex’s eyes, and the boy was left to fend for himself on the war-torn world of Adoracion. It was a hellish place, where everyone fought to survive. Even children. Fortunately for him, Rex was taken in by a grizzled old battlefield veteran named Caleb, who taught the boy to be a soldier.

Just as Rex was beginning to thrive on the blood soaked sands of Adoracion, disaster struck again. Caleb’s family was butchered, and Rex was blamed. His surrogate father turned on him, and tried to kill him. Rex fled… and was found by his mother, Magda. She took Rex off of Adoracion, and back into the fold… to the Dragoons.

Magda seemed pleased that Rex had grown into such a fine warrior, but her satisfaction was short lived. Once back among the Wolves, Rex sought, and recieved, a posting with Wolf-Net, the covert ops branch of the Dragoons. Magda disliked spies, and thought them ‘cowardly’. She and Rex had a falling out, and did not speak for some time.

Years later, after completing his training and several covert missions, Rex stumbled upon some sensative Dragoon’s documents… which changed his life forever. He now knew the identity of his father’s murderer: Magda. And she had knowingly left him on Adaracion for years to fend for himself. Then, SHE had come and slain Caleb’s family, placing the blame on him. Magda was responsible for all of the pain he had grown up with… she had done all this out of some twisted desire to mold him to be a great soldier. His choice to join Wolf-Net had been but a temporary setback in her eyes… she had yet another plan to force him on to the ‘correct’ path once more. A plan that, once again, would shatter his life and leave a trail of blood and carnage in his path.

But even more disturbing than the revelations about his mother was his discoveries about the true nature of the Dragoons… and the coming conflict that threatened the Inner Sphere.

Rex made his stand. He burned every bridge, called in every favor, and got away from Wolf-Net, from the Dragoons, and from Magda. He made it away with a duffel bag full of Dragoon’s cash on his shoulder, a price on his head, and the knowledge that the whole world might soon come to an end. But despite all that, for the first time in his life… he was free.

Now… where to go from here?

Rex Yaeger

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