Mariko "Yuki" Tanaka


Regular Mechwarrior
Pilot: 5 Gunnery: 4
Assigned Unit: SDR-7M Spider [30]

Current status: Unknown. Believed to have been in second dropship when it landed in the northern mountains of Concordance.


Born in the Draconis Combine, Mariko attended the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy… as a maintenance technician apprentice. As a woman, she would not be allowed to pilot Battlemechs in combat, despite her apparent skill. Details are scarce (she rarely speaks of her past), but at some point, her family was disgraced. Her parents were arrested, exiled, or killed (details unclear) and Mariko fled DC space. Now free of her giri to serve her family’s expectation, she went to Solaris VII to ply her trade as a Mech-Technician, or as a Mechwarrior. Mariko’s callsign, “Yuki”, means “Snow” in her native Japanese. She has been given this nickname because of her standoffish personality, and her cold interactions with her fellow mercenaries. (it could be that she just has a hard time speaking english, since it is not her first language.)

Mariko "Yuki" Tanaka

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