Entry 00

01.06.3049; On-board the JSS Vertigo
On the Jumpship now. Caught the first flight of Outreach I could. Didn’t want to stick around too long… just got the money and left. Too many questions that might follow me. If I’m lucky, she’ll think I’m dead. Again. Then I just have to figure out what my next move is.
Stuck on a dropship with a part of some Merc outfit headed for Concordance. Not by choice… only space available. I’ll see about booking passage to the next system on the Vertigo’s trek after they unload. Don’t want to go to Concordance… it’s close to the LA/DC border. Too likely to be caught up in it.
Nobody has any idea what’s coming. And I can’t tell them. No one would believe me. Hell, I’m not sure I believe it. And it’s not like I have any proof. So, for now, I guess I’ll just find somewhere to hole up… try to stay out of the way of the inferno that’s coming.

04.06.3049; On-board the JSS Vertigo
While trying to book passage to continue on after Concordance, I came around a corner, and saw a familiar face. Yuri is on board the Vertigo. Haven’t seen him in a few years. Does look like that ear grew back. He didn’t spot me, so I hightailed it back the Dropship I came in on.
It can’t be a coincidence that he’s here… can it? That Inner Sphere just isn’t that small. But if he was after me, why travel under his own name? And why wouldn’t he have made his move? Maybe it is just a coincidence. In any case, I can’t risk switching Dropships with him on board. Looks like I’m heading to Concordance after all.

16:30, 13.06.3049; On-board the JSS Vertigo
Just jumped in to the Concordance system. Looks like the Mercs still haven’t received their in-system brief. I hope they’re just hear for garrison and training duty. I went to a lot of trouble to try to get away from one war just to fall ass-backwards into someone else’s.
Probably no big deal. “Razak’s Rogues” don’t seem equipped for fighting a war… unless all their heavy gear is on the other Dropship. I think maybe I’ll listen in on their brief… just to be sure…

16:34, 13.06.3049; On-board the JSS Vertigo
Transcript Mode
Rex: Something’s happening. I can hear klaxons going off in the Jumpship. Maybe weapons fire. I think we’re-
Dropship Computer: Initiating Emergency Purge.
(loud mechanical noise)
Rex: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccckk-
Voice 1: Oh god! What’s going-
Voice 2: We disengaged from the Vertigo! We’re in freefall!
Rex: Aw, shit.
Voice 3: ...gonna puke…
(loud rumbling)
Voice 4: ...re-entry!
Voice 1: ...get in your berths!
Voice 3: Hang on!
Dropship Computer: Autopilot engaged.
(loud rubling increases)
Voice 2: That’s the retros kicking on. We’ll be ok.
Rex: Oh, fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!
Voice 1: Freefall!
Voice 2: Martha! Where…?
Voice 5: Oh, god, I can’t…
Voice 1: We’re crashing!
Voice 2: HANG ON!
(loud noise: no match found in database)
Rex: Ah. God. Dammit.
Voice 7: Hey, buddy, you okay?
Rex: Huh? Yeah. Yeah.
Dropship Computer: Warning. Warning. Core breach detected. Core breach detected.
Voice 7: Oh, what the fu-
Rex: Everybody OFF THIS SHIP. NOW!
Voice 1: RUN FOR IT!
Voice 2: Wait! Wait! Don’t leave-
Voice 3: Can’t… leg… broken.
Voice 8: Please god-
Voice 5: I can’t find…
Rex: Don’t stop! Keep running!
(heavy breathing)
Voice 7: Gotta… get… at least… 750 meters…
Voice 9: Where’s the commander?
Rex: Shut up and run!
Voice 7: There! River!
Voice 10: What?
Voice 7: JUMP IN!

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Entry 00

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