Entry 01

17:01, 14.06.3049; Concordance
I’ve had better days.
Yesterday, our Dropship was disengaged from the Vertigo. No idea why. The autopilot kicked in, and we were making a rapid, but safe, re-entry, when something shot us out of the air. The DS barely held together long enough to get us dirt-side. Roughest landing I’ve ever had. If it had been any rougher, I don’t think anyone would have walked away.
So, the DS made it dirtside, but not in one piece. The reactor had been pierced, and the whole thing went super-critical. I barely made it away from the blast zone in time. Right now I’m camped up with four survivors of the Rogues, and two civilians. We haven’t seen any other survivors since everyone went piling out of the Dropship and ran screaming in to the woods. Concordance is warm, but not too warm, so we won’t die from exposure. We found a stream, so we’ve got water. And the Rogue’s doc, Flaxx, says that there some edible flora and fauna, so we’ve got most of what we need to survive. Now, we need shelter. No caves around, and the Dropship is a hot puddle of metal in the middle of a crater. So that’s out.
Another Rogue, Adolphus Richter, climbed up a tree to see if he could raise anyone from the Rogue’s other DS on comms. He looks like a mech-jock, but acts like a sniper. No luck from up high, though. Another Rogue, sciency type, said it was because of a concentration of heavy metals in the soil. The trees on Concordance are natural signal jammers because of it.
Like we didn’t already have problems.
In any case, Richter spotted what looks like an outpost a few miles from here. Should take us a day and a half to reach it. More later. Looks like the monkey is done cooking.
...man’s gotta be pretty hungry to eat a monkey.

9:01, 15.06.3049; Concordance
Along with the four Rogues, there’s two civvies. One looks like a Drac Comb native. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s way too guarded to be a tourist. The other one is some upper class Lyran. Probably an aristocrat, from the way he moves. Stiff back, stiff upper lip, all that. Well, at least he isn’t complaining too much about the trek, and he’s wearing the crappiest hiking shoes out of all of us. Guess that’s worth something.
The Rogues never did get their briefing. They have no idea what they’re doing on Concordance. Don’t even know who they’re supposed to be working for. I can sympathize. Nothing worse than not knowing friend from foe…
I was right about Richter, he is a mech-jock. Says he had a Hatchetman stowed away on the other DS. Real eager to get back to it. I gather that it’s not just a unit assigned ‘mech. Probably a family heirloom. He bagged us some big red monkey thing to eat, yesterday. So, he’s got some training. Not just a joystick jockey.
Flaxx is pulling double duty as our chef. Good thing, too. I could probably find some food, but I’d have no way of telling if the xeno-life here would be poison aside from trial and error. Today’s breakfast was some sort of berries, and lunch on the trail will be ‘monkey jerky.’ Yum.
The scientist type doesn’t talk much. I think he’s some sort of intel officer. He’s got a nice little portable computer he’s lugging around. High spec gear.
Then there’s the mechanic, Malache. Seems like he and Richter go way back. Worked together on Solaris before heading to Outreach to try their luck as mercs. So far? The luck isn’t that good.
With all the gear they’ve been talking about on the other DS, I might have underestimated the Rogue’s finances. Which worries me, considering how tits-up things have gone so far. Nobody on that DS was expecting a hot-drop. Hell, there were civvies on board. Most of which are probably smoldering back in that crater now.
All this begs the question… who shot us down? And why? Were the Rogues the target?
...or was I?

9:01, 15.06.3049; Concordance
Contact with locals. We stumbled upon some sort of militia patrol. While the Doc and Malache acted as a decoy, Richter and I were able to sneak up on and take them down. No casualties. Based on their gear, numbers, and tactics, I’d have to say these guys aren’t pros. That, or Concordance has the worst planetary garrison I’ve ever seen.
Before we took them down, they managed to call in backup. There’s a tank headed this way now. Which is fine by me. I’m tired of walking…

9:34, 15.06.3049; Concordance
Taking the tank was child’s play. It rolled up on our position, cupola down, two armed militia types walking along either side. Richter and I were both in the trees. He played sniper while I got above the tank as it approached. Flaxx and the scientist (really need to find out his name) spread out to flank, while Malache guarded the civvies, and our prisoners.
As the tank rolled below my position, I had Richter fire a shot into the dirt in front of the tank. It stopped, and the two soldiers on either side tried to take cover. I dropped down on top of the tank. Not quite stealthy enough. Got to stop relying on the DEST suit so much. In any case, I planted half a kilo of PGL on the tank’s hatch. When the soldier in front of me swung around, I drew on him, told him to drop his weapon. The cupola opened up behind me, and I probably would have been shot in the back if the tank commander hadn’t noticed the PGL right in front of his face… and the detonator in my left hand. I asked him, politely, to get the fuck out of my tank. He wasn’t quite convinced, until Richter blew the SMG out of other soldier’s hands.
Free tank.

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Entry 01

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