Razack's Rogues

A newly established mercenary company, brought together on Outreach by Jean Razak, with backing from Roderick Steiner, the winner of the 3048 Solaris VII games.

The unit’s first mission brought them to the planet Concordance, but the unit was deployed and separated before a briefing could be given. The Rogues found themselves isolated and without intel or resources on a hostile planet.

Tactical Information:

Commander: Jean Razak (Mechwarrior)

Same (MW): 9
Comp (Arm/Aero): 4
Distant (Infantry): 2

Exp Pool: 0
Tech Pool: 2
Mass Pool: 0
Cash Pool: 0

Alpha Lance:
Roderick Steiner; Stalker STK-3H [85]
MW 1:(Grn, P/G: 6/5) Sam “FNG” Rico; WLF-2 Wolfhound [35] (Light-A)
MW 2:(Vet, P/G: 5/4) Gunnar Herzog; STG-3R Stinger [20] (Light-F)
MW 3:(Grn, P/G: 6/4) Sven “Death’s Head” Tveskoeg; JVN-10F Javelin [30] (Light-C)

Bravo Lance:
MW 4:(Reg, P/G: 6/4) Keith “Flash” Dillon; WSP-1S Wasp [20] (Light-D)
Adolphus Richter; Hatchetman HCT-3F [45]
MW 5:(Reg, P/G: 5/4) Mariko “Yuki” Tanaka; SDR-7M Spider [30] (Light-D)
MW 6:(Reg, P/G: 5/4) Lance “Frosty” Casey; lCT-1E Locust [20] (Light-D)

Charlie Lance:
Capt. Jean Razak; Crockett CRK-5003-0 [85]
MW 8:(Grn, P/G: 6/5) Todd “Maniac” Marshal; BJ-2 Blackjack [45] (Medium-C)
MW 9:(Reg, P/G: 4/4) Hans “Stingray” Ruger; CLN-7V Chameleon [50] (Medium-C)

Armor Units:

Vedette [50] Med. Tank (Reg, P/G: 4/4)
TC1: Tamara “Panther” Farnsworth

Bulldog [60] Med. Tank (Grn, P/G: 5/4)
TC2: Duke “Big Duke” Grecko

Blizzard [25] Hover Tank (Reg, P/G: 4/3)
TC3: James “Silent” Southerland

Myrmidon [40] Med. Tank (Reg, P/G: 6/3)
TC4: Troy “Catscratch” Carter

Infantry Units:
Regular Foot Soldiers
Regular Motorized Anti-Battlemech

Support Personnel:
“Dolby” (Regular)
Malache Uldar (Regular)
Robert “Pliers” Sykes (Regular)
Rachel Coriolis (Regular)
Zach “Jazz” Colson (Green)

Med-Tech Jordan Burns (Regular)
Med-Tech Lira Mackinny (Regular)
Med-Tech Jack Lyons (Veteran)
Med-Tech Lucied Flaxx (Regular)

Dean “Specs” Gregor (Regular)

Razack's Rogues

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